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commented on Submit Your Video 2018-09-17 08:46:45 -0700
Here is a link to our intro Youtube video at Seed Voyage.

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commented on Contact Us 2018-09-17 08:38:47 -0700
Hi guys!

Great organization and love the passion and philosophy you guys advocate. Just awesome.
I am with a company called Seed Voyage. What we provide is a simple way for local gardeners to connect with people right in their own neighborhood that appreciate the flavor and freshness of GMO free backyard grown fruits and veggies. Please visit us

We are also on all social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I came to the site hoping to find Pamm Larry’s contact info to discuss our idea further with her. However, should any of your team like to get back to me I would love to chat further. It seems our combined missions really compliment each other well. Would love to talk further on how we could help.

Hope to hear from you,



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