What We Can Do to Eat Food that is Free From Additives and Chemicals

  • Educate yourself to become a critical thinker when reading about good food in the mainstream media.   Watch out for industry funded junk science that tries to tell you fake food is better than real food.  Don’t buy their BS and don’t buy their products.    
  • Show a movie in your community to raise awareness about corporate food. There are tons of great films, but here is a start.
  •  It’s not just chemicals in foods that are hurting us.  If we don’t also shift our body care products, cleaning products, plastic consumption, we’re just running around in circles by re-poisoning ourselves everywhere else.  It’s another slow and steady, but important, project that helps our planet, us, the animals and ecosystems.
  • Learn more here-
  • What to do?  Buy organic body products. If you cannot affort them, google “DIY skin lotion”, DIY toothpaste, DIY deodorant.  You’ll be surprised at all the information and help out there to live a less toxic life.



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