But I Thought I WAS Eating Healthy!!

What does eating healthy mean to you?  Many people do not understand what healthy eating really is about.  The simple answer is this:  eat as much fresh produce as you can, while eliminating as much processed food (basically anything with a label) as possible.  Eat more fish than meat.  If you do eat meat, poultry is preferable to beef.  For beef, choose lean cuts.



Is fresh produce really that important?  Yes!  It provides essential nutrients in a form that is readily available for your body to absorb.  It also provides critical fiber needed by your digestive tract and it helps you feel full.  Processed foods frequently do not deliver the nutrients or fiber you need.  Worse, they often contain many harmful chemical toxins that threaten the quality of your life.

 My favorite place for fresh produce is a certified farmers’ market.  Please be sure a market is “certified” or you may literally be buying food purchased from Costco and then re-sold to you!  Why is produce at a certified farmers’ market different from grocery store produce?  Grocery store produce travels through many different locations to be processed before it reaches you (sorting, cleaning, packaging, just to name a few).  This takes time and thus means produce must be picked weeks before it ripens.  On the other hand, certified farmers are allowed to bring their produce straight from the field to you.  It can be on your table only days after being picked.  That means your food will not only taste better; it will also have had time to increase its nutritional profile.

Last, but certainly not least, please remember that our bodies are over 70% and need adequate amount of fresh, clean water every day for optimum performance.  The recommended daily amount for adults is ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Your health affects everything in your life and eating healthier improves your health.  Give yourself this gift, because you deserve it!

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