What We Can Do to Eat GMO Free Food

Most importantly...decrease the number of GMO foods you and your family eat Set your goal and take your time.  Start by using different oils.  No more canola.  After that….slowly change your eating and buying habits. The best way to know if you are avoiding GMOs is via the organic label and the NonGMO Project label.
The best option is to Grow your own food using heirloom seeds.  This is the BEST way to know what you are eating and how it was grown. 
We know that many don’t have neither the interest or time to grow your own.  So an equally good and important option is to buy organic food direct from your farmer.  If you are at a Farmers Market, be sure to ask your farmer if they grow non-GMO sweet corn, zucchini, and what they feed their animals.  Best feed options are fully pastured.  But if they supplement with feed, you want to be sure that the feed is organic at a minimum.  
Other ways to learn more about ways to learn more and avoiding GMOs-
  • Visit Institute for Responsible Technology to find out more about GMOs and join their Tipping Point Network to become a GMO expert! 
  • Learn about the NonGMO Project (see butterfly label above) and buy the products that have their label on them.  It means the food has been tested.  Support companies that care enough to get the certification. 
  • Learn more about the issues by sharing a movie with friends or get a community screening with a panel or speaker after the movie.
  • Read "Seedy Business" a report by US Right To Know to learn more about the multinational chemical industry PR campaign to confuse people.  
  • Visit your local state, federal and national elected officials (and/or their staff as they make most of the decisions).  Keep them informed as to what’s really going on out there in GMO Land.  We’ll have manuals for how to most effectively visit them soon.
  • Donate to your local good food groups
  • Ask your restaurants if they use canola and/or corn oil (two of the high risk, highly contaminated GMO foods).  If they do, ask that they use coconut oil, safflower oil for cooking your food and 100% olive oil for your cold dishes. Then ask your friends to do the same. 
  • Start a FB page or webpage for local restaurants that are farm to table, non-GMO, organic, safe places to eat in your town. Call the restaurants, ask them what they use for ingredients.  Let them know you want to advertise Good, Local Food practices.  Ask folks who like your page to tell the restaurants they go there because of the page. As word travels, these restaurants will get better, and other eateries will want to join in.
  • Tell one person you know about GMOs 
  • Wear a GMO Free USA tshirt
  • Hand out GMO info flyers in front of stores. 
  • Do a walking tour of your local grocery store to educate others about food labels and how to find GMOs
  • Do a GMO Free potluck to inform folks where they are.  Give them parameters so they educate themselves for the meal before coming, then have a short discussion about it during or after the meal. 
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