Good Food is Regenerative



The whole world is impacted by how our food is grown.  Conventional farming practices have wreaked devastation on the planet. Part of the litany-

  • Algae blooms due to pesticide runoff
  • Factory Farms cause air and water pollution and increase greenhouse gasses. They increase insect vectors, antibiotics and other drugs into the ecosystem,  and increase pathogens in their communities. 
  • Poison companies have unleashed an army of chemicals to try and control weeds and insects. But in doing so, they have created a nightmare by simply upsetting ecosystems and creating an ever increasing need for more toxic pesticides when the insects and weeds become resistant to the poison. The response from the chemical companies is to create more toxic chemicals. This treadmill is killing us and the planet.
  • Soil is eroding due to destructive farming practices like tilling and overuse of chemicals. 

Healthy soil makes healthy plants. Healthy plants make healthy animals and humans and planets.  

The GREAT news is soil can heal.  The even better news is that it can heal far faster that we thought. Our kids are being taught old science that says that soil is non-rewable because it takes hundreds of years to create one inch of topsoil.  New, cutting edge farming practices are proving that using new techniques they can grow 3 inches of topsoil in just four years. These practices involve scientific,  planned practices of no tillage, cover crops, planned herd grazing and to stop using chemicals.