Hood In The News Interviews Neighborhood Nick

In the world of communities changing food systems, Los Angeles takes front and center as one of the nation's leaders.  What an uplifting and exciting video that speaks to everything the Good Food Brigade is about!! Neighborhood gardens change the way we live, from growing good food for ourselves to changing the landscape visually to getting to know the people next door. 

Highlights on starting a garden:

  • Start slowly- No sense in going out and investing thousands of dollars in a project you aren’t sure of yet. Instead, start with a backyard compost system to start and grow good soil for a healthy garden. Once you have that going, you can decide if gardening is for you!!
  • We don’t have to grow everything we eat- if you can connect and get a neighborhood thing going, you can grow six things, your neighbor can do 6 different crops and you can trade. This is how it used to be and we need to get back to that. After that, support your local small farmers at the market. Then support locally owned markets that get their veggies locally. Then visit chains that support a new food system.
  • As time goes on, consider branching out into vertical gardening to increase your yard’s productivity. Grow your own fish so you know they are healthy. And, as a side note, they will also help build up your soil!!
  • Please spread the word about all the folks doing great things to build a new Good Food system!

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