How to Find out What's Going on with the Food in your Town

It may take you awhile to find out all that’s going on in your community.  Most good local food groups are underfunded so there’s not much advertising going on.  Some ways to find them:

  • Keep checking your local newspapers events pages. Groups will advertise their meetings and events there.

  • Go to Farmers Market and talk to the folks at the info booth. Ask them what food groups they know about in the area. Talk to the farmers (if it’s at the end of the day and slow. Other than that, ask when it’s a good time to chat as they are busy trying to make a living)

  • Check out Natural Food Stores for posters/flyers for any food events. Get on their email lists or like their Facebook pages

  • Do an internet search of your town name and organic, sustainable, or farm to table restaurant

  • Visit your local newspaper/free rag online and do a search for “food, organic, sustainable, farm to table, local food, farmer, food bank” or any other search terms that come to mind.   Past articles of interest will be listed there with the organization or contact name.

  • A Peace and Justice Center might have info on food groups as the issues are often aligned

  • Do a social media post asking your local friends if they know of any local food groups

  • See if there are any community gardens in your town. They would be a great source of what’s going on

  • Likewise, search for a local CSA, as, again, they often have an idea of what’s going on locally.

  • Check out organizations that may have a chapter in your town:
  • Finally…
    Go to local events and network, network, network. There might be more already going on than you know!!
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