A note to investors: Please invest in your communities instead of Wall Street.

We love the idea of investing in small, passion based programs that produce huge results locally.  Please consider finding solution-based campaigns in your area first, and then invest in the smaller national organizations. Then after that, invest in the larger nonprofits (over $1M in support per year).

You’d be surprised at how much good could be accomplished if more money was diverted locally.  We know many food enthusiasts would love to work more locally but simply cannot devote the time to it because of having to find a way to live and fund their volunteer time.  Putting money back into your community will change the world much faster than donating to a national organization that is doing good work but does not have boots on the ground in your zip code.

What would happen if you privately financed a passionate, local person that would focus full time on creating a strong local food system?   Give it a try and let us know what happened.  

Invest in Local Farms                                                      GFB_MoneyWhereYourMouthIs_1.jpg

Small family farms are disappearing at alarming rates, being replace by huge corporate farms.  Young farmers want to grow good, healthy food but cannot afford to buy land.  How can we create new solutions to ensure that we will have food in our future?

Many investors are changing the way they define "profit."   We (and others) invite investors to do an inner inventory of the kind of system their investments are supporting.

Do your investments:

  • Create a better world for our kids’ future?

  • Do they heal or pollute the planet?

  • Do they support living wages for everyone?

  • Do they grow good food and protect the water that create health for humans, animals and the planet?

Once you’ve answered those questions for yourself, start by learning more about Slow Money ( and join or create a chapter in your community.

Other resources for ideas on how to invest your money for a strong, healthy food system:


Invest in The Good Food Brigade

The Good Food Brigade grew out of an all-volunteer army that sprang up across the country starting in 2011. Our mission then? Label GMOs. Our mission today?  To support others in creating stronger, more healthy, resilient, just and regenerative local food systems.  

We appreciate you understanding that food is one of the top three things we need to survive on this planet.  When you invest in us, you are investing in your local food systems and creating more food security globally.  Your investment may never be able to be measured by traditional metrics and databases.  But we can tell you from experience during Prop 37 in California, those kinds of measurements may not be the best indicators of success.  

One possible indicator?  We got the Agribusiness Multinationals and Big Food behemoths to spend over $100M dollars to defeat the GMO labeling campaigns. That doesn’t even count their lobbying efforts in states and D.C. to make sure there was no labeling.  They would not have done that if we weren’t effective!

We literally changed the food world since 2011…a very short time for social change.  

We aim to do it again, but have more fun doing it this time.  Thanks for choosing to invest in your community and the world!

Contact us with any questions you have that might influence your decision to invest in The Good Food Brigade.

You can invest in The Good Food Brigade here.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.