What We Can Do to Achieve Regenerative Food for Yourself, Your Community and the World

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems that regenerates topsoil and increases biodiversity now and long into the future. Which means agriculture that feeds our soil instead of depleting it – and will grow healthy crops year after year.

Big Food only moves when we switch our buying habits.                  GFB_Shiva_quote_regen.png

The number one, fastest way to change our food system to a regenerative one is:               

  1. Change your relationship to meat and other animal products.  Eat meat as a condiment instead of the largest part of the meal.
  2. Eat ONLY organic produce and grains from farmers who focus on regenerating the soil.  
  • Movies to watch in home or do a community screening
  • Turn your yard into an organic, regenerative food garden
  • Start an organic school or community garden
  • Respectfully talk to your farmers market farmers about their regenerative practices
  • Invite a Regenerative Ag Expert to give a talk in your community.
  • Take a few classes on Regenerative Soil practices and become the your community’s cheerleader/beginning expert so they can learn more about the wonders of the soil.
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