What We Can Do to Achieve Resilient Local Food Systems

  • Join us to and devote your energy to make your local and regional food system strong and resilient.
  • Then start a local chapter of the Good Food Brigade in your community- Manual Coming Soon!
  • Start your own garden. Confused about how to get started? Try pots first. Then graduate to raised bed. Or take a deep dive and go online and learn on YouTube.  Great basics can be learned from Curtis Stone, Stacy Murphy, Marjory Wildcraft and more.  They also offer online or in person trainings when you are ready to go bigger.  
  • Have a block party and talk to your neighbors about starting a neighborhood garden in your yards so that you can share the goodness and create more community in your ‘hood.  manual
  • Do your local city council, homeowners association or county have restrictive laws on growing gardens?  If so, then change those laws.  How to learn about what’s going on in your community- Then learn how to change laws that prohibit good healthy food growing! See More Here
  • Start a community Garden- manual coming soon
  • Start a School garden- manual coming soon
  • Do a local “All things Local Food Festival” -manual coming soon
  • Educate your community on the wonders of farmers markets.  Get the converted to shop there more and get the nonchoir to start shopping there    You can speak at clubs, groups, Manual coming soon
  • Hold cooking classes so folks know how to eat the local produce they grow and/or buy at their local farmer’s markets    How to hold a cooking class manual coming soon
  • Show a movie - manual coming soon
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