What are Victory Gardens?

vicgarden.jpgDo you grow your own food? Do you share the fruits (and veggies) of your garden with your community and/or friends? Are you an urban farmer? Own a CSA?

Victory Gardens grew 42% of our produce during WW II. What would happen if we had the will to grow (and/or buy direct from other growers) that much of our own food without being at war???!!!??

We’d be healthier, have stronger community connections, have cleaner water, keep money in our communities, and simply have more fun.

Our goal is to register 1million gardens and local food farms (CSAs, Urban Farms, Small family farms that provide food to their communities) by 2020.  

Can we do it? Yes, we most certainly can.  

Please register your garden then invite your gardening friends and other food growers to do the same!!  

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